Winter Trainings and Internship

Most of the students interested in today's technologies undergo winter trainings as they want to make the best use of their 7 - 15 days winter break. We have organized the winter trainings during December 2014 - January 2015 and will continue to organize them during November 2015 – February 2016 respective of the regional winter holidays across India.

Our previous real time project based winter training was attended by over 500 Engineering students in 15+ Nodal Centers and many Engineering colleges across India. We have received amazing feedback which gave us strength and confidence to organize it again during 2015 - 16 Winter holidays.

Our focus is to complete the courses within 7 days with 8 hours a day classes for all the students.

General Question: Why only 7 Days Winter Trainings with 8 hours a day? How can I complete my projects?

Students only have 7 - 15 days of winter break and want to do some trainings during the same. Hence, we modified the content as per the needs and requirement of students and increased the number of hours in per day training. Students will actually get 60 Hours intensive and hardcore project based training as they will get during 30/ 45 days summer/ winter training camps.

This method is supported by the colleges and the students across India. However for the year 2015 - 2016 we shall have 7 - 9 days of Winter camps in 25+ cities in India, which shall be decided and updated on the website by October 2015.

Our Winter Training Website

To organize winter training camp at your campus or even outside your campus for your friends/ peers/ colleagues, call/ sms/ whatsapp Mr. Saurabh Rawat at 09958336989 or email us at

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