Corporate Trainings

Every organization needs to evolve and innovate in terms of their technical capabilities every day, month and round the year to make sure the company can compete in the market in terms of their technical strength and innovation.

So, here we play a vital role in bridging the gap by bringing the new and updated technologies on table. We have competent group of trainers across country in all technical technologies who can train your team and make them well versed with the technology during the corporate training. Click to Read More

Summer Training and Internships

IBNC India is well aware of the fact that every student has to undergo 30 Days, 45 Days or 6 months Summer training during their summer vacations and need to submit minor and major projects after the training as per the rules of AICTE.  On request from many colleges as well as Individual students we have organized Project Based Summer Trainings during year 2015 summer vacations at 25 cities in India. Click to Read More

Winter Training and Internships

Most of the students interested in today's technologies undergo winter trainings as they want to make the best use of their 7 - 15 days winter break. We have organized the winter trainings during December 2014 - January 2015 and will continue to organize them during November 2015 – February 2016 respective of the regionals winter holidays across India. Click to Read More

Faculty Development Program

All colleges across India organizes Faculty Development trainings for overall technical and non-technical development of the faculties of the college. We bring special abilities on the table by getting our expert trainers on field in between the faculties. Click to Read More

Workshops by IBNC India

Definition: A meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

We follow this definition by Wikipedia intensively during our training sessions. Our trainers get into hardcore discussions and teachings of the technology. I-Medita deeply follows vision of the training student, corporate houses and faculties of all over India. Click to Read More

Training Classroom on Rent in Gurgaon

  • We have two rooms available for rent at our Gurgaon Office which can be shared by companies or event organizers for their trainings or meetups.
  • Both the rooms are well occupied with the AC, Projector, Screen and white boards.
  • Facilty of Coffee machine as well as microwave oven is also available.
  • Capacity of room: 25 – 30 People in each room/lab/class/conference area.
  • Parties can use these rooms for their corporate trainings, corporate meetups and other particular requirements. Click to Read More

Industrial Visit

Industrial visits is the necessecity of today’s education system as this will help bridge the gap between student’s theoretical knowledge about the subject with what is actually happening in the industry, which will make students ready for jobs. Click to Read More

Engineering Projects

We also initiated giving special guidance to the students who want to make projects apart from our regular training programs.Our expert panel will share knowledge via skype with the concerned student and guide them throughout the project and make sure his learning improves during the same. Click to Read More