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Team IBNC is run by professionals who believe in putting Customer ahead of everything no matter what. We make sure that all the IBNC teams coordinate well with the students and share the right knowledge and guidance with them. We help students in making better decisions about which course to choose and if we do not provide such course, we guide them to the right person/ organization.

Once the student is enrolled and college is on our panel then we make sure that the training is delivered by the best trainers of India. Our trainers have real time project implementation experience as well as who can understand and feel the gap in the knowledge of the students as per industry standards.

Our two days workshops on each technology is a practice to share overview and guide students about the technology by giving hands on experience to them. 

For each technology there are different practical tools. For example:

  1. Cisco Networking: We use Cisco Packet tracer and real Cisco Routers and Switches to show practicals and demonstrate how packet transfer is actually done in real time network.
  2. Big Data Workshop:
  3. Cloud Computing Workshop:
  4. Linux Administration Workshop:
  5. Data Analytics Using R Language:
  6. Android Application Development: We use Eclipse software and help students make applications right from ideation to how to launch it in google play store.

We organize complete 2 or 3 days workshops and 7 to 15 days trainings inside and outside campus according to the requirements. Also, we make sure that the students and faculties are satisfied with the delivery and the quality of training.

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Deepanshu Budhija

Managing Director

I-Medita Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.