IOT Internet of Things Workshop Overview:

Today the massive global Network allows people to communicate with each other. We sent Emails, instant messages, we have websites to communicate and share data. The data comes from Client devices like laptop, PC, smartphones or tablets and it goes to some servers and then servers transmit that data or information further. So IoT- Internet of things is the huge Network of substantial objects, buildings, automobile , machines, appliances,  instruments, devices and other things  which are embedded with software’s, sensors, electronics and network connections which allow these objects to gather and interchange data.  Using Data Analytics, valuable information is extracted and processed. In Upcoming Years billions of devices will be connected through the internet, these devices will become an intelligent network of systems. The generated Data will be shared in the cloud and it will transform the businesses, lives, home automation, data analytics etc.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of things is a concept, by which we mean that almost every object gets connected over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction and these object themselves can send and receive data. Internet of things is one of the most emerging technologies of this generation. it is clear that by the next decade almost everything will be connected everything. Each object can interact with another and analyse what is happening now, what may or may not happen and what is about to happen. It can save the data, analyse it and give the possible outcomes.

Certain Examples of this are:

Smart Homes: Personalise your living space by connecting every object, appliance, etc and control it from anywhere via internet and cloud. Lights, ACs, fans, appliances, computer systems, door locks being controlled from anywhere by a simple mobile application.

Self-Driving Cars: It is one of the most cutting edge solutions where vehicles could travel on their own. It will have a huge impact on transport and support system.

Smart Cities: The use cases of Internet of things spans traffic management, water distribution, waste management, security and environmental monitoring in Smart Cities. Internet of Things is the solution to traffic congestion problems, noise, security and pollution.

Natural Calamities: Internet of Things can help in controlling the impacts of forest fire, earthquakes, snow levels, landslides, pollution, floods and more by analysing the information and possible outcomes.

Internet of Things is the new revolution of Internet.

The highlight of the Content to be covered 2/5/7 days training by I-Medita?


2/3 Days Training

  • Taking inputs from Light, Sound, Temperature, Humidity and other Sensors.
  • Processing it using Arduino Studio or Raspberry Pi.
  • Uploading data/ output on the Internet via Wifi connectivity or LAN connectivity.

5 Days Training   

  • Beginning with same concepts as 2 days Training.
  • Use of Servo Motor, LCD Devices via the Internet.
  • Working of Fire Sensors.
  • Linking of Arduino or Raspberry Pi to Bluetooth or Wifi module.

7 Days Training   

  • Beginning with same concepts as 5 Days Training.
  • Developing an Android Application to control the data generated.
  • Using the same application to control input and output devices.Use Arduino, Wifi, Breadboard, LEDs, Sensors like temperature sensor.



IOT and Arduino:

  • Introduction of Internet of Things and Understanding the IoT Architecture
  • Internet of thing history and future
  • Why Internet of things?
  • Complete Hardware and Software infrastructure
  • Activity - Group Discussion
  • Introduction to IOT Kit
  • Introduction to Arduino Software and Hardware
  • Basic projects on Arduino
  • Complete understanding of sensors
  • Light, Temperature, Humidity, Sound, Hall Effect, Relays
  • Interfacing sensors with Arduino and applications in IOT



Communication system and Cloud:

  • Bluetooth Hardware Interfacing or Receiver Transmitter certificate interfacing or Wifi Module interfacing with Arduino.

( College will have to tell us which system they want to use)

  • Store data and sending data on IoT Cloud Platform.
  • Cloud interfacing with Arduino.
  • 4-5 Minor projects applications in IOT.

Take Away IoT Kit in a Group of 5 Members:

The Workshop content consists of an approximately equal mixture of lecture and hands-on lab. This will be a two days workshop. 

Recommendation: It is strongly recommended to bring your own LAPTOP during the training on which you can install and run programs if you would like to do the optional, hands-on experiments/exercises after the trainings/ workshops.

Certificates will be provided by ISO 9001:2008 certified I-Medita Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Company which is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs for providing IT Trainings all over India and IBNC India which is a trademark championship that has already been executed in 106 Engineering colleges till March 2015.

  • Participation Certificate: Given to each candidate who participate in the workshop
  • Appreciation Certificate: Given to the College/ Institution who help in conducting the workshop.
  • Excellence Certificate: Given to the winner of the Zonal Center Championship.
  • Coordination Certificate: Given to those active & strong students and faculty coordinators who help in making the workshop and training successful.

IBNC Team gives you freedom to ask your relationship manager at IBNC India for certificate samples in advance so that you could be aware of the certificate you will be receiving before hand the trainings/workshops.

Take Away IoT Kit in a Group of 5 Members:

Kit Content:

  • Arduino Board, Atmega 8.
  • Wifi Module/Bluetooth/Rx Tx module as per choice or college
  • Sensors – Ultrasonic, Light(color), Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • USB Cable
  • Other Small cables and wires
  • Robot Chasis with Mount Kit
  • Motor Driver Circuit
  • DC Motors
  • One on one interaction in the class with the Trainer.
  • Study material designed by panel of experts from industry.
  • Lead trainer will also have supporting trainers with him/her so that they can help you fall in love with the technology.
  • We believe in learning with fun!
  • The skills we develop are those that employers within the industry are looking for.
  • Covering theoretical and practical concepts in such a way that it is fun to learn the technology and easy to make unique projects.
  • Your skills and certifications are recognized anywhere in the world your career takes you.
  • Successfully trained over 15000 students in India till now.
  • Watch video testimonials given by students:
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  • IBNC makes sure that you should get the full worth of the money you have paid during the trainings anywhere in India.

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