Ethical Hacking Workshop at Indira College of Commerce and Science, Pune on 18th – 19th September 2015.

This two days workshop covers all the essential topics about Ethical Hacking. The main focus of workshops is on giving deep and inside knowledge about Information Security, Counter Measures for Google and Facebook Hacking, Networking Security, Android Hacking, Virus, Trojan, Email Hacking, Stenography, Cryptography and Firewall Security. This workshop will include:

• Google Hacking: Advisories and server vulnerabilities , finding Login Page, Hacking Live Webcam, Printer etc 

• Facebook Hacking: Passing the security mechanisms from the authenticated entries and passages 

• Web Browser Security 

• DoS & OS – Attacks 

• Social Networking Sites & Hacking 

• SQL Injection 

• Phishing 

• Trojans 

• Worms 

• Scanning 

• Windows Hacking 

• Footprinting 

• Email Hacking 

• Keyloggers 

• Spoofing 

• Cryptography 

• Virus 

• Password Attacks - Network Attacks 

• Android Phone Hacking

Open for students from all over India.

Venue: Indira College of Commerce and Science, Pune

Contact person – Mr. Deepak 07840054107