Two days Embedded System with Robotics Workshop at DMI College of Engineering, Chennai on 3rd – 4th September 2015.

This two days’ workshop covers all the essential topics that a student needs to understand in order to build an embedded based application and fully automated robot. By the end of this two days’ workshop, students will be able to:

• Understand basic constituents of Robotics 

• Understand Arduino Boards 

• Understand Embedded System and its uses in Industries 

• Understand working of Joystick controlled – LCD Interfaced Robot 

• Understanding Microcontroller and its peripheral device 

• Understand Programming of Microcontroller 

• Understand PC Controlled Robots 

• Speed control of a motor using resistance for industry application specially automation 

• Understand H-Bridge concept 

• Understand serial communication for displaying values on UART

• Understand RF Transmitter Receiver Circuit and Module

• Configure PC Controlled wireless robot

Free Complete Embedded Development kit with LCD and Receiver and Transmitter Cicruit ,Arduino Board, Motors, Chasis, Joystick , and full robotics KIT.

Note: A kit will be provided to a group of 5 students

Open for students from all over India.

Venue : DMI College of Engineering, Chennai, Tamil Nadu on 3rd – 4th September 2015

Contact person – Mr. Deepak 07840054107