Cloud Computing Workshop

Cloud Computing, in simple language, is a process where all the data is on remote servers or remote data systems. Cloud Computing has become very popular field in terms of business, jobs, database management, on-the-go access across the world. In this, a network of remote servers are used to store data, a very simple and daily example of cloud computing is our google sheets, see how easy it is to view them anywhere, anytime with just one click, its like we are having such huge data in portable servers.

Cloud computing workshop by IBNC India mainly caters to clearing the concepts around virtualization and cloud, and we even launch real time Amazon Clouds during our workshop and we use the paid version of the same. Trainers who will be taking the workshop are well versed with the technology at industrial grade level and are aware of the updation in the same.

Objectives of the Cloud Computing Workshop:

  • At the completion of the workshop the participants must be able to:
  • Install, Configure and Manage private cloud (Cloud Administrator){Open Source as well as VMWare }
  • Develop and Deploy Cloud enabled Application (Cloud Application Developers)
  • Access the Cloud services IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS (Cloud Users) 
  • Insight into the Cloud Components, Architectures (Researchers, Academicians) 

This is just 2 days course content, if you need training content for Faculty Development Program or for 5/7/10/15/30/45/180 Days training, Click Here.

Cloud basics

  • Basic Concept and Reality
  • The various models, services and characteristics of a complete cloud suite.
  • Understanding Open Source Cloud
  • Stack and VMWare Stack.

Virtualization in Cloud

  • Hypervisors and Virtual Images
  • The various hypervisor available solutions like zen, kvm, esXi and other.
  • Understanding the architecture and working with hands on experience with the same.

Cloud Middleware

  • Functionality and Behaviour
  • Cloud Middleware architecture of open source as well as VMWare. Understand working as well as hands on experience in different middleware.

Software as a Service

  • Cloud Development
  • Coding in cloud and understanding the deployment of cloud ready solutions on to existing cloud stack.

Cloud Security 

  • Concerns and Available Solutions
  • The existing security and how to practice the cloud computing securely.

Cloud Management 

  • Practical Demonstration and Experience on Cloud
  • In depth analysis by researchers and administrators of cloud computing.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Introduction to the AWS products
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Case Studies - Amazon Web Services

  • Building a simple web application in the cloud
  • Building a community based photo/video sharing site
  • Building an ad-serving site in the cloud

Hands on/Case Study

  • The attendees will experience the cloud suite deployment by themselves.



The Cloud Computing workshop content has approximately equal mixture of lecture and hands-on lab. This will be a minimum of two days workshop.

Recommendation: It is strongly recommended to bring your own LAPTOP during the training on which you can install and run programs if you would like to do the optional, hands-on experiments/exercises after the trainings/ workshops.


Certificates will be provided by ISO 9001:2008 certified I-Medita Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Company which is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs for providing IT Trainings all over India and IBNC India which is a trademark championship that has already been executed in 106 Engineering colleges till March 2015.

  • Participation Certificate: Given to each candidate who participate in the workshop
  • Appreciation Certificate: Given to the College/ Institution who help in conducting the workshop.
  • Excellence Certificate: Given to the winner of the Zonal Center Championship.
  • Coordination Certificate: Given to those active & strong students and faculty coordinators who help in making the workshop and training successful.

IBNC Team gives you freedom to ask your relationship manager at IBNC India for certificate samples in advance so that you could be aware of the certificate you will be receiving before hand the trainings/workshops.

IBNC DVD to each participant to help them learn more about Cloud Computing after the training.

  • One on one interaction in the class with the Trainer.
  • Study material designed by panel of experts from industry.
  • Lead trainer will also have supporting trainers with him/her so that they can help you fall in love with the technology.
  • We believe in learning with fun!
  • The skills we develop are those that employers within the industry are looking for.
  • Covering theoretical and practical concepts in such a way that it is fun to learn the technology and easy to make unique projects.
  • Your skills and certifications are recognized anywhere in the world your career takes you.
  • Successfully trained over 15000 students in India till now.
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  • IBNC makes sure that you should get the full worth of the money you have paid during the trainings anywhere in India.

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