Two Days Cisco Networking Workshop at D.K.T.E. Society's Textile & Engineering Institute on 10th - 11th September 2015

This two days’ workshop covers all the essential topics that a student needs to understand in order to build a small network. For example: basic network design of their colleges. By the end of this two days’ workshop, students will be able to:

• Understand the basics of internetworking 

• Understand data flow in a network 

• Differentiate between networking devices and different types of network 

• Understand the physical connectivity of routers and switches 

• Understand different routing mechanism and routing protocols 

• Understand the concept of switching: Packet Switching and Circuit Switching 

• Configure real time CISCO routers and switches 

• Configure different routing protocols in a network 

• Understand Routing Security and Switching Security fundamentals 

• Design and implement a network i.e Campus Area Network

Real Cisco Routers and Switches will be taken to the college to make sure that students have practical exposure on real devices.

Venue : D.K.T.E. Society's Textile & Engineering Institute on 10th - 11th September 2015

Contact person – Mr. Deepak 07840054107