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Remember this thought before you read further, “IDEATION without EXECUTION is DELUSION” which means if you have ideas popping out in your mind and you are doing nothing about it and not putting in into practical execution, it is a mere delusion and will be flushed when you wake up next morning ;)

Lot of students ask this question why should I become a campus ambassador with any company, what are my benefits in it. I am sure most of them are unaware of the fact that getting only 7+ CGPA or 70% marks in B.Tech will not fetch them a good job. Every company who will hire you or if you want to start on your own needs people who are smart at brains in activities that happen around them. They must be aware of what is happening in surroundings and should be good managers, leaders and fighters.

Why do organizations need good managers, leaders or fighters?

See it through a very common example, 30 people got hired from your colleges in TCS/Wipro/Infosys or any other company, now most of you got different profiles, different teams, different locations and luckily some will come together. You will work with fresher’s like you from different college who are as smart as you. Now comes the question that who will become a Team Lead(TL), Floor manager, Assistant TL or get any other senior post within a year of work. Now the leadership, initiative power you had from college days is only going to help you here. It would be very difficult to create it in this one year, even if you will create it, you will still be behind your fellow mates, in case one of them have special powers to become the TL right from day 1 and there are many more examples in real life where people with managerial skills and ability to explore things grow faster irrespective of their experience. You do not need to be an MBA to be a good manager ;) We am sure our parents have no degree in managing our home!

How does becoming campus ambassador with IBNC(I-Medita) brings out management skills, leadership skills and fighting skills in you?

  • ICA – IBNC Campus Ambassador is the one who will develop extraordinary abilities to convince people, represent his/her own college/zone/area.
  • ICA is a learner and is enthusiastic about new ideas.
  • Manage feedbacks of their friends and raise it to IBNC Team. Manage their collective views and help them find best trainings in the country.
  • Be responsible towards friends and their career as most of students are totally unaware of what to do.
  • Committed towards excellence in terms of quality trainings and will not settle for more than excellence.
  • Dedicated towards his/her targets.
  • Disciplined in such a way that he can balance his academics, promotions and campus ambassador position.
  • Ambitious enough to keep one eye on quality and other on financial and self upgradation.
  • ICA’s are and become a deadly combination of above all and earn while they learn and learn while they earn during their tenure as ICA.
  • You will get a chance to work in Pvt. Ltd. and an ISO Certified Company. ( For those who don’t know what does that mean, please Google it). 
  • You will get to learn event management and team management ( We all know how important that is in today’s world )
  • You will learn speaking in public ( Say bye to Stage fear guys! ‘Coz no one can beat you, unless you let them ;) ) 

Roles and Responsibilities of ICA

  • Gain Knowledge – About products and business models of I-Medita
  • After getting confidence on I-Medita’s services and products they can convince others for the same.
  • Walk shoulder to shoulder with I-Medita team in making I-Medita a global brand. “we are already a national brand”
  • Organize and promote 2/4/7/15 Days Technical/Non-Technical Workshops/Trainings/Conferences/Events in your college.
  • Promote Job Guarantee Trainings to your seniors who did not get placements from college but are very good in studies.
  • Connect us to the Students Technical/Non-Technical clubs and Faculties of your college to bring some value to college.
  • Plug in IBNC and I-Medita as an associate in any technical/Non-Technical fest that your college conducts.
  • Come up with innovative ideas on how IBNC and I-Medita can associate with your college/area/zone and how you can show your managerial and entrepreneurship skills :)
  • Create a IBNC Facebook Group for your college and use it to promote activities and information of IBNC and I-Medita in your college.
  • Developing relationships and partnerships with relevant student and encourage them to peruse I-MEDITA’S Training Programs.

Benefits to ICA’s?

  • Financial benefits upto Rs 50,000 (cash, goodies, phone, watch, T-Shirts, ID Cards etc) every quarter depending on hard work done during the promotion.
  • Learn how to be more responsible, committed, disciplined and good leader and manager.
  • Get letters of recommendation for you higher studies that will support your real time work experience with us. 
  • Prizes and Stipend on every referral you provide for Summer Training/Internship or workshop that you conduct in your college or any referral made for Job Guaranteed Trainings.
  • Stipends for promotion and gathering students.
  • Certificate and Letter of Recommendation on successful completion of the program.
  • Most active campus ambassadors get Free Passes to IBNC’s events and conferences and to live concerts in various big colleges like SRM, VIT, NITs, IITs. 
  • Paid internship opportunities to Top Performers Campus Ambassador’s, they are invited to our workshops as assistant trainers and get 1000 Rs per workshop.
  • Special Discounts on Training Programs even upto 100%


Where to apply? Click here

Our current project is Summer Trainings, once you fill out the form, you will get call from concerned person for a brief interview and upon selection you will receive unique codes and ID card.

As soon as your first registration is done, you will receive one T Shirt from our side to make you more famous in the campus. 

Note:  After graduation if the work done is exceptionally well; candidate will be hired for a full time job with a package of 2 Lakhs and above.